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Let the world help fund your project

Are you looking to kickstart a project for your students? Could you use some funding? Consider!

All you have to do is write up your project, post it along with a few photos, and sit back and wait for Oakland’s and the rest of the country to pitch in. began in 2000 by a Bronx, New York high school teacher looking for ways to get his class copies of Little House on the Prairie. He knew there were other educators out there searching for ways to get more resources to their students and people in the world that wanted to help.

So, he developed where teachers can post projects and anyone with Internet access can help fund.

“For me ( is a definitely a game changer in terms of impact on students. If I was a principal, everyone would post (a project) because it is that easy. … There is nothing else out there that makes it that easy (to support classroom needs).”

– Mr. Khalifah, technology teacher at Garfield Elementary School

We couldn’t agree more.

Visit today, and post a project for your students.

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