Navigating Your Child’s Journey to College and Beyond

The journey for your student’s path to college doesn’t start in high school. It begins in pre-school.

Innovate Public Schools has provided a number of resources to help families through the process from primary school through high school graduation.

Here are a few of the resources Innovate Public Schools offers:

The Path to College Starts Early: A Milestones Map for Parents

This milestone map highlights certain points of your child’s education journey and what indicators to look for to tell how your child is doing. It also includes tips for things you can do at home to support your child in their educational journey.

Elementary School: Building a Strong Foundation

This guide offers families tips on the impact school attendance has on learning, the importance of third grade reading and math levels, the importance of reading at home, how to make sure your kid stays on track, and more.

Parent Guide: What Are the A-G Requirements?

The pathway to college starts well before high school, but once your child is in high school and they want to attend a public university in California, they will need to meet certain requirements. In California, those requirements are known as A-G. Innovate has a helpful guide that explains what the A-G requirements are and how to assist your child in meeting the requirements.

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