Wait, Wait, Do Tell Me About KQED’s Educator Resources

Whether you're looking for professional development tips or media tools for your classroom, KQED has you covered

Attention Oakland educators! If you have not checked out KQED’s Education for Teachers section, check it out.

The teachers section is divided into five areas:

  • Personal Development: Blogs written by Bay Area educators aimed at supporting and enhancing your craft
  • Digital Tool Tips: Tech-related articles written by Bay Area educators to help educators like you use technology in the classroom
  • Media Making Toolkit: Tips and tutorials on using media (videos, slideshows, online maps, etc.) in the classroom
  • In the Classroom: Classroom experiences brought to you by fellow educators
  • PBS LearningMedia Resources: Blogs, articles, how-to’s, and media tips from PBS’ nationwide network

So after you listened to Morning Report or Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, check out KQED’s extensive selection of resources for educators like you!



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