Testimony on Resolution for Oakland Sanctuary Schools

GO Oakland Policy Director Marc Tafolla delivered a statement on sanctuary schools at the OUSD School Board Meeting on November 30.

Board Members,


I am here to share GO’s support for the proposed resolution. The fear and stress that students and their families are feeling is palpable. We asked some members of the GO Network to share why the Board’s actions are so important. This is a sample of what they shared:

From teachers:

  • Students are coming to school crying, upset, confused, and scared. There are a lot of real fear and there are a lot of misconceptions. We need to educate our students, families, and school staffs. 
  • First graders in my class are afraid that their parents will be deported. No child should have to live with that kind of fear.

From parents:

  • Oakland students can’t be successful if their parents can’t be actively involved at school. Please keep schools safe for students and their families.
  • Student learn when they can feel safe. This is a huge step in creating that safety!

From community members:

  • The diversity of our communities makes them stronger, wiser, and more vibrant. Additionally, we should fight for stability for children who have known no community other than our own.
  • I write to ask you to please update your policies and practice to reaffirm protecting the rights and safety of immigrant families. Once again Oakland can be a model to other School Districts.”


We have a duty to do everything in our power to ensure that we shield our students and families from the harms they face.


Thank you for your leadership.

Marc Tafolla

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