GO Board Watch: March 8, 2017

This week’s agenda includes:

  • Professional Culture Organizational update
  • Classified Employees of the Year
  • Single Plan for Student Achievement
  • Enrollment Impact Analysis
  • Enrollment Stabilization Plan
  • MLK/Lafayette Merger Proposal
  • English Language Learner Roadmap update
  • Strategic Regional Analysis updates
  • Charter Petition Renewals
  • Budget Adjustments 2016-17
  • Second Interim Financial Report

Check out the full agenda.

1).  Professional Culture 

Professional Culture Organizational update

The Board will hear the Superintendent’s work plan for Effective Talent Programs in 2016-17 (pgs. 4 – 29).

The three priorities are:

  • Support educators in continued development in Common Core State Standards and Social Emotional Learning standards at all school sites, with a specific focus on underperforming schools.
  • Implement plan to rollout common district values.
  • Develop and effectively communicate strategy to recruit, develop, and retain educators in OUSD.

Classified Employees of the Year

Congratulations to Qi Yu Ma, Carolyn Major, Alina Chow, Elba Martinez-de Pineda, Rene Essex, and Rena Moore for being named OUSD’s Classified Employees of the year. We appreciate all that you do to create safe, healthy, and successful schools for Oakland students.

2).  Quality Schools Development

Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)

The Board will be voting to approves SPSAs for Piedmont Avenue Elementary, Bridges Academy, Brookfield Elementary, and Westlake Middle School.

An SPSA is an annually updated and Board approved plan that details goals for school quality, steps that will be taken to meet those goals, and how funds will be used in service of those goals.

Enrollment Impact Analysis and Enrollment Stabilization Plan

At the Feb. 22 meeting, the Board had just a few minutes to discuss two new resolutions being introduced by Director Gonzalez. The resolutions seek to address the declining enrollment and inaccurate enrollment projections that have exacerbated OUSD’s budget difficulties this year.

The first resolution directs the Superintendent or a designee to submit an Enrollment Impact Analysis any time the Board is considering business that could impact District enrollment, including: opening/closing/expansion of District-run or charter schools, changes in transportation, site relocations, and changes in enrollment systems.

The second resolution directs the Superintendent or designee to submit an Enrollment Stabilization Plan within 180 days. This plan would incorporate related bodies of work, including: school portfolio planning, charter school management, facilities planning, feeder patterns, and the enrollment process/system.

MLK/Lafayette Merger Proposal

At the Feb. 22 meeting, the Board heard and discussed a proposal for a two-phase merger of Lafayette Elementary, MLK Jr. Elementary, and West Oakland Middle School. On March 8, the Board will vote on the first phase of the merger – consolidating Lafayette and MLK in 2017-18.

If approved, the merged TK-3 program will be on the MLK Jr. campus and the grades 4-5 program will be on the Lowell campus. Additionally, the District will invest a minimum of $15,000 for community outreach and marketing to sustain and increase enrollment.

English Language Learner Roadmap update

The Board will hear a presentation (pgs. 30 – 47) from the Office of English Language Learner & Multilingual Achievement on its priorities for 2016-17.

  • Priority #1: Advance quality instruction
    • Deepen understanding and implementation of Designated and Integrated English Language Development
    • Integrated English Language Development incorporates English education into the teaching of other subjects. Designated English Language Development is English-specific education
  • Priority #2: Meeting the needs of the whole child
    • Year-long sequence for ELL families on reclassification
    • Provide a safe and inclusive environment for our immigrant families
  • Priority #3: Expand and enhance robust language programs
    • Dual language programs
    • Long-term English Language Learners programs
    • Newcomer programs

The appendix of the presentation shows that OUSD’s newcomer programs are stretched to capacity, with only 32 of the 1,239 newcomer high school seats remaining open. As a result, the District will have mid-year newcomer expansions at Oakland High, Castlemont, Fremont, and another site to be determined. The District receives an average of 13 newcomers each week.

Strategic Regional Analysis update

The Strategic Regional Analysis (SRA) is an annual report produced by the District with region by region analysis of a variety of factors, including things like: demographics, enrollment, school quality, and school programs. Click here to check out the 2015-16 SRA.

The 2016-17 SRA is scheduled to be released later this month. This year, the SRA will be an interactive online dashboard hosted at ousddata.org. New features to the 2016-17 SRA include:

  • Feeder Pattern analysis
  • Teacher Experience
  • All charter enrollment
  • Updated School Quality analysis using the School Performance Framework

Charter Petitions

ASCEND (TK-8), Learning Without Limits (K-5), and KIPP Bridge (TK-8) are all applying for charter renewals.

3).  Budget and Fiscal Management

Second Interim Financial Report

The Board will hear a presentation on the 2016-17 Second Interim Financial Report, which will include updates to the budget as of January 31, 2017. For a full report on budget adjustments for 2016-17, click here. The presentation includes update on the Spending Protocol implemented in January. Additionally, according to the presentation:

  • The Unrestricted General Fund is projected to have a year-end balance of $11M, (which is consistent with the first interim report, pg. 4).
  • The District is expected to meet the legally required 2% reserve.
  • The General Fund is projected to have a positive cash balance of $19M, (a reduction of $17.7M from the first interim report, pg. 4).
  • As a result of the General Fund multi-year projections and the state of all other funds, the District is recommending submitting the first interim financial report to the Alameda County Office of Education with a “qualified” certification.
  • A “qualified” status means that the District may not meet its financial obligations for the current or subsequent two fiscal years.

4).  Board Development and Strategy

  • No informational or action items presented.

5).  Other

  • No informational or action items presented.
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