Overview: Teacher Policy Fellowship

“I’ve been connected to more thought leaders, activists, and policy mavens. Personal growth is exactly what we are striving to bring to the teaching profession in Oakland through our advocacy of hybrid teaching models and career paths, so yes, in developing these ideas, we are naturally rethinking our future roles within teaching.”

–Francisco Nieto, 2013 cohort member

During the GO Teacher Policy Fellowship, Oakland teachers will have the opportunity to get a broader view of the entire system and learn, listen, think, and lead to help the Oakland Unified School District come up with solutions to the issues before us. You’ll be working collaboratively with other teachers to:

  • Learn: about the education landscape in Oakland, what policies are made at the district-, state-, and national- level, and who influences Oakland education policy.
  • Listen: to other educators about the issues affecting them and their students.
  • Think: with your cohort to synthesize what you’ve heard, look for trends to focus your research, and consider best practices in order to write policy that can help solve the problem for Oakland.
  • Lead: organize fellow educators to advocate for policy change using a framework informed by the PICO organizing model.

As we reflect on history, it becomes apparent that significant change takes time and continued advocacy. There is much that one needs to learn before they can jump into action in Oakland. This is why the GO Teacher Policy Fellowship is now a two year opportunity.

  • Year 1 of the Fellowship will have an emphasis on understanding education policy making in Oakland-what has come before us, who are the changemakers, what are the major issues facing our city right now?  Fellows will receive a $1,500 stipend for participation in the first year of the fellowship.
  • Year 2 will have an emphasis on creating a policy advocacy project and using community organizing techniques to reach a common goal.  Fellows will receive a $2,000 stipend for participation in the second year of the fellowship.
  • Through both years of the Fellowship, we will meet twice a month for two hour sessions, and dedicate time in between sessions to readings, research, or actions towards the advocacy project.

To meet the current cohort of fellows, please click here.

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