GO Board Watch: August 23, 2017

This week’s agenda includes:

  • Summer professional development
  • Teacher and principal recruitment
  • Enrollment Stabilization Update
  • Measure G1 funds allocation
  • Fiscal health risk analysis report
  • Board Budget and Finance committee appointments
  • Board work plan
  • Superintendent work plan

Check out the full agenda.

1).  Professional Culture

Summer Professional Development

Superintendent Johnson-Trammell will present to the Board on professional development for teachers and administrators that took place over the summer (slides 8-12).

Teacher and Principal Recruitment

As of August 17, there are 13 teacher vacancies and 2 principal vacancies (slides 13-16).

2).  Quality Schools Development

Enrollment Stabilization Update

With lower than expected enrollment for 2016-17 and enrollment projections that show a steady decline, last spring the Board passed a resolution requiring the District to present an Enrollment Stabilization Plan within 180 days.

On Wednesday, the Board will hear a presentation on the above plan and the outcomes of year one for enrollment stabilization, as well as the goals and actions planned for year two in 2017-18.

3).  Budget and Fiscal Management

Measure G1 Funds Allocation

The Board will vote on an amendment to an administrative regulation for Measure G1 that will add district charter schools to the schools eligible for G1 funding.

Fiscal Health Risk Analysis Report

On April 26, 2017, the Board contracted the Fiscal Crisis Management and Assistance Team (FCMAT) to conduct a study on the fiscal health and risks for OUSD. FCMAT has released its report and will be presenting key findings to the Board.

Out of 20 indicators of fiscal health, OUSD received a “No” rating on eight. FCMAT warns that receiving a “No” rating on seven or more indicators is “cause for concern and could require some level of fiscal intervention.” In the report’s summary of findings, FCMAT identifies “leadership breakdown at the governing board and superintendent levels” as a contributing factor to OUSD’s fiscal issues and points to the following indicators of fiscal distress as especially concerning:

  • Deficit spending
  • Inadequate reserve levels
  • Approval of bargaining agreement beyond cost-of-living adjustments
  • Large increases in contribution to restricted programs (especially special education)
  • Lack of oversight for position control (hiring without confirming funding or getting Board approval)
  • Breakdown in leadership with excessive turnover
  • Inability of the governing board to hold administrators that have been allowed to overspend budgets and override board policy accountable

4).  Board Development and Strategy

Standing Committee on Budget and Finance

The Board will vote to ratify the appointment of Directors Aimee Eng, Shanthi Gonzales, and Rosie Torres to the Board’s Standing Committee on Budget and Finance.

Board Work Plan

The Board will present their final work plan for 2017-18. It includes:

  • Team-building and leadership training for the Board members and Superintendent
  • Evaluation of the Superintendent and General Counsel
  • Ratifying multi-year agreements with all bargaining units
  • Revise, amend, and monitor implementation of board policies
  • Adopt Local Control Accountability Plan that will improve outcomes for students and adopt a fiscally sound budget that supports the LCAP

Superintendent Work Plan

The Board will vote on a final reading of the Superintendent’s proposed work plan for 2017-18. Her streams of work are organized under the District’s three proposed priorities: fiscal vitality, organizational resilience, and access to quality schools. New projects for the Superintendent this year will include the Blueprint for Quality Schools and the Oakland Public School Pledge.

5).  Other

  • No informational or action items presented.
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