1Oakland Collective Call to Action

Weeks ago we announced an unprecedented call to you, our fellow Oaklanders, with a simple message: Every child in Oakland deserves a quality education. And we need to work together to address our most urgent challenges and critical shortcomings to improve the performance of all our schools.

The Collective Call to Action (CCTA) is just that—it’s a call. To rally together. To move from the battle ground to the common ground. It’s about a shared vision and hope for our students and schools.The CCTA seeks to bring together the Oakland community, from every neighborhood, to roll up our sleeves and collaborate in addressing and resolving the critical issues that continue to hold our students, schools, and teachers back.

We are asking all of you to take 5 minutes to read, sign the petition, and share with your network.


What does it mean to sign on to the Collective Call to Action? 

It means that you agree with the 1Oakland vision and generally believe in our three core areas:

1. Oakland’s elected school board and charter school boards ensure excellence and equity across all public schools;

2. All public schools contribute equitably to providing Oakland’s most underserved students an excellent education; and

3. All public schools have equitable access to public resources.

It means that you are ready to, and want to, join the conversation to discuss how we can make the intended impacts of these solutions a reality. No part or subset of us can do this work. We can’t let people and organizations divide, shame, and blame others–district or charter. We are better than that. And our students deserve better. They deserve our BEST.

The 1Oakland Collective Call to Action was crafted and informed by hundreds of hours of research meetings, one-to-one meetings, reflection and analysis of our lived experiences and perspectives, and feedback received from more than 100 Oaklanders.

A more detailed set of recommendations is being drafted in a policy brief. It is our intention to share the 13 recommendations as our best thinking to date and to invite families, students, educators, leaders, and elected officials to join us in discussing how we can reach the intended impact of our recommendations together.

We commit to continue to learn and grow; I hope that you will join us in this endeavor.

We are grateful for your partnership and feedback, your commitment to students, and your support of 1Oakland. Please send your questions and concerns to mirella@gopublicschools.org.

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