OUSD Brings a Map for School System Redesign: Here Are Our Thoughts

For more than a year, 1Oakland leaders have lead the charge advocating for a city-wide Community of Schools that is sustainable, high-quality, equitable, data-driven, committed to continuous improvement, and making good on our promise to educate all students.

Today I am emailing you to share the 25 recommendations for the plan and to share our reflections about the Community of Schools Citywide Plan: Toward a Citywide Map presentation given by OUSD on November 14th.


Your Recommendations

The 25 recommendations reflect the 1Oakland values, and solutions we identified last year, the guiding principles that we shared with the school board on October 10th, and, most importantly, what we heard from YOU over the past two months. 1Oakland leaders completed over 2,500 hours of engagement to inform our recommendations, through research meetings with experts, families, educators, and community. 

At Wednesday’s school board meeting, Superintendent Johnson Trammell and Chief Academic Officer Sondra Aguilera presented the Community of Schools Citywide Plan: Toward a Citywide Map; the first phase of their plan. You can watch the board discussion here and OUSD’s presentation here.

Our 1Oakland team was there (see livestream), and spoke up to share their feedback:

OUSD’s Presentation on November 14th: Our Thoughts

We appreciate OUSD’s commitment to take action. The citywide map demonstrates a commitment to make bold decisions. We have stated that this will take courageous decisions. We know that getting to a 5-year city map is not easy.

We appreciate the presentation for being data-driven and for its alignment with our need to become a district that appropriately manages its financial means so that it can better serve students. The use of data is powerful.

We are concerned that the plan is not yet leading with student-centered goals.. The map and the plan must lead with student-centered goals and a vision. We urge OUSD to prioritize this above anything else. Previous efforts have disrupted communities without improving learning conditions for students. We cannot do this again.

We are concerned that the plan is not complete. The problems we need to solve are beyond technical, and so technical solutions,  will be insufficient. The board charged the Superintendent to present a plan, a roadmap, for how student outcomes will improve as a result of these efforts.

We hope to see our recommendations reflected in OUSD’s future presentations and engagements.

Take Action

We have hope that we can work together for our students. But this work will take all of us. Now is the time to become involved.

  • Share our op-ed in the East Bay Times where I describe why I believe and have hope. 
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  • Sign up to join the 1Oakland Team.
  • We will be hosting a community event to gather input on our recommendations in the weeks to come. Email mirella@gopublicschools.org if you would like to receive an invitation.
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