OUSD Budget Cuts FAQ

What is the bottom line?

Final budget reductions include $3M to school sites and $17M of reductions to central positions serving schools including Restorative Justice, Asian Pacific Islander Student Achievement Program, and School Site Officers, and a commitment to redesign the central office.


Were the reductions necessary to pay for the negotiated teacher/staff raise?

Yes. At the March 4th meeting, the board confirmed that the budget cuts had to address the structural deficit as well as pay for any new expenses, including paying for the bargained teacher/staff salary increases. Continue following GO’s budget updates as we analyze the financial impacts of the most recent salary increases and the impact on the district’s long term budget projections.


Did the board make any other budget decisions?

Yes. Measure G “library” fund allocations will be distributed based on an equity criteria, and any new one-time money coming from the state this spring is earmarked for schools hit the hardest by the budget reductions and lost central staffing. The board is also asking for monthly updates on the Superintendent’s central office redesign plan.


Will OUSD have more budget cuts next year?
  • There are indicators that OUSD is making meaningful improvements to their budgeting operations.
  • There is also hope that the district will see increased state funding through Governor Newsom’s final May revised budget and additional one time funds through AB1840.
  • Unfortunately, these new funds could be more than offset by rising district costs for pension, special education, and salary increases.


What are the next steps in OUSD’s budgeting process?

The next big update to OUSD’s current budget will be the 2nd interim report that will be presented at the March 13th school board meeting. This update will give the most accurate look at the district’s current budget and multi-year projections for future years. While the board did vote to make reductions to the 19-20 school year budget, the final budget, including all line items, will be approved on June 26th.

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