VIDEO: Changes coming for CA schools & students with newly-passed laws

Updated laws on public charter schools, later school start times for middle and high schoolers, and more support to better serve English Learners are some of the recent policies passed at the state level that will impact K-12 students in Oakland.

In particular, Assembly Bill 1505 has been in the spotlight, which outlines a set of revised regulations to the Charter Schools Act of 1992.

Watch the video below to see a rundown of the four main areas where changes will be seen: 

As public charter schools grew over the decades, unintended consequences and unexpected challenges surfaced and called for an update to the 27-year-old law. The updated law has changes to four key areas for the charter schools’ approval process, renewal process, appeals process, and teacher credentialing requirements. After lengthy negotiations, both charter advocates and opponents made concessions in the final compromise bill signed by the Governor. While the law will go into effect on July 1st, 2020, the implementation of many of these changes is open-ended and will be based on each local community’s interpretation of the law. 

The law has the potential to have a positive impact, as it encourages communities to consider how decisions about one school might impact the city as a whole. But it could also allow politics to skew some decisions in ways that could remove or limit quality options from families that need them the most. We hope that Oakland uses this new law to prioritize school quality over polarized politics as we begin to implement it. We must use it as an opportunity for our community to come together across district and charter lines to define what a quality school is and expand quality options for our students in all of our public schools.

For a more detailed explainer of AB1505, click here

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing more state law explainers on our social media channels, including:

  • SB328: Change in start time for middle and high schools
  • SB419: Additional regulations to “willful defiance” suspensions
  • AB1623: Grants for teacher candidates who commit to working in a high-need field at a priority school
  • SB594: A plan to better serve English Language Learners

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