Help us show appreciation for Oakland teachers

A few hours ago, my kindergartner just finished up a Zoom call with the awesome engineering teacher at her OUSD school. Yesterday, she participated with more than 100 other students in a school wide assembly online. Since the very first week of shelter-in-place, her teacher and other school staff have been working so hard to connect with students – their creativity and commitment is a consistent source of appreciation for my family.

For over a decade, GO has been appreciating teachers, and especially during Teacher Appreciation Week – which starts this coming Monday. There has never been a more important time to honor the work of our educators than now. 

We’ve seen countless stories of teachers, both here in The Town and across the country, who are going above and beyond to engage students in this new virtual environment. Our teachers are doing their best to keep our young people learning, all while balancing their own care and families. 

Nominate an Oakland Teacher Today!

In this new digital world, we’re taking our celebration of teachers online and we’d love to hear from you! Help us recognize the incredible Oakland teachers who are finding new and creative ways to engage students. Nominated teachers will receive a gift from GO and will be featured on our social media channels. 

Let’s give the love back to our Oakland teachers and show our appreciation for everything they do!

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