Why I GO
"I GO to educate myself. In addition to educating myself, I do my best to affect positive change in my community by focusing my passions in a productive way. I want to work to keep great Oakland teachers in Oakland. I want to see Oakland become the best place in the country to grow successful urban teachers."
Alanna Baumert

Alanna Baumert

Teacher Policy Fellow

Alanna is in her fifth year teaching and teaches ninth and 10th grade humanities at Lighthouse Community Charter School. She is also working on her Master’s Degree through the Reach Institute for School Leadership. Alanna was also a member of the Lighthouse Culture, Climate, and Character Committee, which uses data-informed practices to support school culture development and was an Educate 78 Teacher Advisory Group member.

Why public education?

I have seen the positive ripple effect a single educated child can have on a community. I don’t think economic status or location should determine a child’s future. All children should have access to engaging and meaningful learning opportunities.

Favorite quote and why?

In my first few months as a young teacher, I came across this line, “Assume an inquiry stance”. I ended up writing it on a Post-It as an empowering reminder to stay curious and open. That same Post-It has followed me to different schools and classrooms and continues to serve as an important reminder that the power a teacher has remains in its ability to be curious and adaptable.

What are your vices?

My biggest vice is hands down bubble tea. A big day of grading essays is my excuse to get some bubble tea.

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