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Knocked down 9 times, but Oakland gets up 10

Reflections: A Year of Struggle
This school year was a difficult one for all of us connected to Oakland education.
It seemed that challenge after… Read More

Building Oakland’s Future on a Foundation of Quality

As the 2018-2019 school year begins to wind down, our 1Oakland leaders are continuing to advocate for quality public education for all students in Oakland.… Read More

One Step Closer to Quality, Equity and Sustainability in Oakland Schools

Last night, the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) Board of Education voted to adopt the Community of Schools City Wide Plan, a big step in… Read More

Our System is Rigged – Let’s Take Action

Across the country, the conversation about access to a quality education has moved to the forefront. This is not a new conversation for Oaklanders, as… Read More

Teacher Strike Update

On the eve of a teacher strike in Oakland, a few things are clear:

Teachers in Oakland are woefully underpaid, leaving them struggling to make… Read More

Recursos para las familias en caso de una huelga de maestros

Como probablemente ya sabe, el sindicato de maestros de Oakland (OEA) y el distrito escolar unificado de Oakland (OUSD) están finalizando sus negociaciones contractuales y… Read More

Family Resources for a Potential Teachers Strike

Below, we’ve compiled resources to help families in the event of a teachers strike next week.
We will update this page as we get more… Read More

La inminente huelga de maestros en Oakland

Ser maestra es el trabajo más difícil que he tenido. Es un reto académico, físico, mental y espiritual. Lo abarca todo. Lo único que he… Read More

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