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4 Things OUSD Must Communicate When They Talk About Budget

Last fall, we brought together a working group of parents, educators, and community members who were tired of watching budget presentations that were not created… Read More

Moving Towards a Common Understanding of School Quality

In a city as diverse as Oakland, we value having a wide range of school types that give parents different options to find the best… Read More

How Will OUSD Make Decisions on Charter School Renewals?

*Lea en español abajo

If you’ve been following Oakland education, news about merging, expanding, and consolidating district schools has been front and center. There are… Read More

VIDEO: Changes coming for CA schools & students with newly-passed laws

Updated laws on public charter schools, later school start times for middle and high schoolers, and more support to better serve English Learners are some… Read More

WHY I GO: Daisy Padilla

I knew that being the first in my family to graduate high school was a big deal, not only for me, but for my family.… Read More

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