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A Partnership Between the Superintendent and Principals

By Ashley Martin
My name is Ashley Martin, and I am an Oakland resident, a former Oakland teacher, and a current Oakland Unified School District… Read More

New Teachers Concentrated in Oakland’s Highest Need Communities

by Robbie Torney
Hannah’s first day of teaching fourth grade was ‘a whirlwind of energetic joy and panicked mistakes.’ But with coaching and other supports… Read More

Preparing Oakland Families for College

By Danielle Mackey

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As a parent of two students and co-founder of GO Oakland’s United Families Building Community, I am… Read More

New Teacher Induction Standards

by Robbie Torney
In December of 2015, with relatively little fanfare, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing adopted new standards for induction (formerly known as… Read More

Teacher Career Pathways on the Rise

By Ruth Jones and Lorin King

As teachers of six plus years, we want to develop as a professionals without necessarily leaving our amazing students.  … Read More

What Makes an Effective Teacher Induction Program?

By Samantha Solomon

The variety of Oakland teachers’ early career experiences is as diverse as our city – depending on where teachers spend their first… Read More

Professional Development & Keeping Oakland’s Teaching Talent

By Ben Nussbaum
I attended a Faculty Focus Meeting with Oakland Unified School District Superintendent Antwan Wilson where he expressed a desire to make Oakland… Read More

Voices from the Field: The Real Story of Teacher Induction in Oakland

By Jennie Herriot-Hatfield
Teacher at Think College Now
If you’ve ever spoken to a teacher about Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BSTA) – the old… Read More

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