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Sharing some personal news / Compartiendo algunas noticias personales

In 2008, I was a 6th grade teacher in OUSD when a community of educators, parents, and community leaders decided to come together to advocate… Read More

2020 GO Oakland Public Schools Funders List

GO Public Schools Oakland is very grateful to have received funding from the following foundations:

S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

Bloomberg Philanthropies

Chamberlin Family Foundation

Chan… Read More

4,500 Oakland parents have spoken about plans for the fall

Lea en español abajo.

Over 4,500 Oakland families have raised their voices through the #SchoolAfterCOVID survey to demand effective and consistent distance learning experiences for… Read More

Help us show appreciation for Oakland teachers

A few hours ago, my kindergartner just finished up a Zoom call with the awesome engineering teacher at her OUSD school. Yesterday, she participated with… Read More

Our neighbors are in crisis. We need you to #GOGive today.

This is a scary and uncertain time for everyone. And for many of our most vulnerable families, it’s also about making the paycheck stretch another… Read More

Wow, the world has changed. Share an Appreciation. Share a Need.

This week, 50,000 Oakland students are waking up to a new routine. With schools closed our community is doing it’s part to slow the spread… Read More

NEW VIDEO: The people power behind GO Public Schools

Do you know who GO Public Schools Oakland is? Who, and how many people are in our network? Who are our team members? At GO, we know that our identities and our experiences… Read More

Grand Jury: “OUSD’s Broken Culture: Millions Wasted Each Year”

On Monday, the Alameda Grand Jury issued a scathing report looking at OUSD’s fiscal practices and raising serious concerns about the district’s stewardship of public… Read More

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