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Hope amidst the turmoil in Oakland education

There has been a lot of turmoil in Oakland education lately. Our district needs to implement more budget cuts, there have been contentious charter school… Read More

De la guerra Charter vs. Distrito a una comunidad de escuelas

En junio, 1Oakland celebró la aprobación de la Política de la Comunidad de Escuelas BP6006 en la que la mesa directiva del OUSD declaró que… Read More

OUSD Brings a Map for School System Redesign: Here Are Our Thoughts

For more than a year, 1Oakland leaders have lead the charge advocating for a city-wide Community of Schools that is sustainable, high-quality, equitable, data-driven, committed… Read More

Oakland is Ready for Change

It is time to redesign our school system with students’ needs at the forefront. Last year 1Oakland advocated for and helped pass the Community of… Read More

From Charter-District Wars to a Community of Schools

In June, 1Oakland celebrated the passing of the Community of Schools Policy BP 6006 in which the OUSD board declared that “it is the Board’s categorical expectation that all education providers operating or desiring to operate school programs in Oakland – district or charter – as well as families, staff, community members and labor unions, will accept shared responsibility for the sustainability of our school system and embrace the idea that we: (i) do not operate in silos, (ii) are interdependent in our efforts to serve all students and families; and (iii) need to act with consideration of the larger community of schools.”  The policy also directs the Superintendent to “develop a citywide plan that promotes the long-term sustainability of publicly-funded schools across Oakland that represent quality and equitable educational options.”

We did it! OUSD Passes Community of Schools Policy

Just after midnight during Wednesday’s OUSD Board meeting, more than four months after it was first introduced, the Board voted 5-2 in favor of the … Read More

Tune In: We’re going live this Thursday

This is it: the last school board meeting of this academic year. And it’s a big one.
On Wednesday, the OUSD Board will vote on… Read More

1Oakland Collective Call to Action

The Collective Call to Action (CCTA) is just that—it’s a call. To rally together. To move from the battle ground to the common ground. It’s about a shared vision and hope for our students and schools.The CCTA seeks to bring together the Oakland community, from every neighborhood, to roll up our sleeves and collaborate in addressing and resolving the critical issues that continue to hold our students, schools, and teachers back. We are asking all of you to take 5 minutes to read, sign the petition, and share with your network.

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