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1Oakland Intro Video

What does 1Oakland mean to you?

#1Oakland Facebook Live en español!

Escuchen nuestra conversación sobre la educación especial y que tienen que saber todos los padres. Lean más de la campaña de #1Oakland. 

Reunidos por 1Oakland

Oakland tiene 65.000 niñxs de edad escolar. No estamos haciendo lo suficiente para asegurar que todos nuestros estudiantes estén recibiendo la educación que adapte a sus necesidades y sueños. Boris Aguilar reflexiona sobre cómo cada estudiante tiene diferentes necesidades y cómo esas necesidades cambian con el tiempo.

Coming Together for 1Oakland

Oakland has 65,000 school-aged kids. We are not doing enough to ensure that all of these students are getting the education that best fits their needs and dreams. Boris Aguilar reflects on how every student has different needs and how those needs change over time.

It’s Time for 1Oakland

Schools are the fabric of our neighborhoods and we believe that every student in Oakland has the right to a quality public education. We are capable of providing a premier education for all students.

But, to deliver on that right, leaders, educators, and the community have to work closely together to address the quality and equity gaps in our schools.

Recognizing Eid Al-adha in Schools

The Muslim community is one of the fastest growing student communities in Oakland schools. I hear from many families about the problems my community faces in schools. Because there are few educators who are Muslim or from Arab-speaking countries at our schools currently, our problems are not always recognized or addressed. I want to share a way Oakland educators and schools can recognize Muslim student culture.

Superintendent Search Updates and GO’s Role in the Search

The application period for the superintendent search closed on March 15. In this blog you’ll find information about the timeline, process, candidate pool, and how… Read More

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