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ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS: La perspectiva de GO sobre los recortes presupuestarios propuestos por el OUSD

En la reunión de la junta escolar del pasado 9 de enero, el Director en Jefe de Negocios, Marcus Battle, presentó un plan actualizado sobre… Read More

BREAKING: GO’s Take on OUSD Proposed Budget Cuts

At the school board meeting last night, Chief Business Officer Marcus Battle presented an updated plan for OUSD’s budget cuts for the 19-20 school year.… Read More

VÍDEO: Novedades sobre los recortes presupuestarios del OUSD

Estimado colaborador de GO,
En poco más de un mes, el OUSD anunciará sus planes para abordar lo que ha identificado hasta la fecha como… Read More

VIDEO: OUSD Budget Cuts Update

Dear GO Supporter,
In just over a month OUSD will announce plans to address what they have identified to date as a $30M structural deficit.… Read More

AB1840; Millions of Relief, but are there strings attached?

On October 24th, the School Board invited a presentation from the County Superintendent, Karen Monroe, about how Oakland will receive the funds from the state… Read More

Breaking Down the OUSD State Relief Bill

On Monday September 17, Governor Jerry Brown signed Education Trailer Bill AB1840.

The headline for this bill is that the state will be providing OUSD with $30 million over three years to help spread out the pain of the district cutting that entire amount all at once. This money is not a loan, but does come with the expectation that OUSD will continue making improvements on overall budgeting and not need more relief in the future. We put together a quick video explaining the bill—check it out and read the details below.

Will OUSD Have Another Round of Midyear Cuts?

The number one question our network has been asking this fall is whether or not schools should expect to see another round of midyear cuts. The good news is that as of last night, the answer appears to be that they should not be expecting cuts to their 18-19 budgets.

VIDEO: OUSD Budget Cuts Update

I’m back from paternity leave and excited to keep help keep the GO network engaged on OUSD Budget Matters! Check out my first video, and see below for relevant links to learn more.

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