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Share Your Voice: How Should Oakland Schools Come Back from COVID-19?/Comparta su voz: ¿Cómo deberían regresar las escuelas de Oakland después de COVID-19?

There are so many choices ahead for our Town about how to safely reopen schools and serve students, and family voices must be part of… Read More

What can parents expect from teachers during COVID closures?

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Just because school is closed, doesn’t mean learning can stop. The unanticipated closure of schools has sent districts across the country… Read More

We went live on Facebook last night and our community stepped up!

Last night, I asked my husband to take our 3 children out of the house for an hour so that I could do something I’ve… Read More

Parent voice: Supporting students with disabilities, even during the COVID-19 closures.

As an Oakland mother of a child with a disability, I have learned how to be a fierce and loving parent advocate. I know that… Read More

Nuevos datos de “crecimiento” destapa algunos puntos brillantes – especialmente para estudiantes latinos/as en Oakland

Los nuevos datos de “crecimiento” recientemente publicados por OUSD nos muestran que tanto los estudiantes están aprendiendo de un año al siguiente, mientras alcanza el… Read More

New “growth” data uncovers some bright spots – especially for Latino/a students in Oakland

New “growth” data released by OUSD shows how much students at each school are learning from one year to the next, while reaching for the… Read More

NEW REPORT: Which Oakland schools best serve low-income Black and Latina/o students?

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My husband and I have 3 wonderful Blacktino elementary school aged children in Oakland public schools. During this past season, while our kids… Read More

New Fellowship for Oakland’s Education Leaders: The Teacher Edition

GO’s Education Fellowship “Teacher Edition” is an eight-week opportunity for a small, diverse group of Oakland teachers that aims to lift up teacher voice on Oakland’s most pressing… Read More

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