For Families

When You Lead, Our Children Succeed

GO engages with families to support your child, your school, and drive educational change. Here's how you can get involved, and this is what it looks like.

OUSD Budget Webinar Recap
We recently presented our very first webinar on OUSD’s budget. We had a lot of great questions and appreciate people joining. Feedback: If you were… Read More
The Search for a Superintendent 101
“Our success will come not because of Board directives, or the Superintendent’s notions, or the staff’s creativity, or the community’s yearning. We will make it… Read More
GO Oakland Recognized by NAACP for Outstanding Service
GO Public Schools Oakland was recognized on Saturday, February 11, 2017 with an award from the NAACP Oakland Branch for our partnership in the recent… Read More
An Open Letter To Team Public Education
In California — particularly here in the Bay Area within GO’s Oakland and West Contra Costa communities — the vast majority of us are on… Read More
Support Your Child: A Quick Guide to Oakland Public Schools

There are over 49,000 kids enrolled in 123 public schools across Oakland. Navigating Oakland’s public education system can be a challenging process, but equipped with the right tools, the journey for families can be much simpler

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