We know trying to learn during the COVID-19 pandemic is tough on kids and families, so GO, with the help of Seek Common Ground has released these family guides. / Sabemos que tratar de aprender durante la pandemia de COVID-19 es difícil para los niños y las familias, por lo que GO, con la ayuda de Seek Common Ground.

Click on the buttons below to check out the guides: / Consulte las guías a continuación:


We encourage families to speak, read and write in their home language. This supports identity development and development in English literacy. Not only can children handle learning in different languages, it actually makes their brains stronger and more flexible! / Alentamos a las familias a hablar, leer y escribir en su idioma materno. Esto apoya el desarrollo de la identidad y el desarrollo en la alfabetización en inglés. Los niños no solo pueden manejar el aprendizaje en diferentes idiomas, sino que también fortalecen y flexibilizan su cerebro.

These guides are meant for everyone— no matter what school looks like for your family this year. Please share the guides with family, friends, neighbors, and organizations you belong to and/or work with. / Estas guías están destinadas a todos, sin importar cómo se vea la escuela para su familia este año. Comparta las guías con familiares, amigos, vecinos y organizaciones a las que pertenece y / o trabaja.





**The Family Guides have the most generous Creative Commons license. That means you are free to use, add to, and edit as you see fit. The space where the Seek Common Ground and GO Public Schools logo is present was specifically designed to enable you to add your logos (and swap out ours, if you’d like.) These Family Guides were created in Canva. If you have Canva, please contact us at yanira@gopublicschools.org.

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