Attendance Status Categories

Rather than tracking the exact number of minutes missed, we code the Directors into attendance categories at different increments of time missed. Below are the coded times and how they are used to calculate cumulative hours missed. The cumulative number of hours missed is a conservative estimate and should be understood to mean that the Director missed at least as much time as displayed.
Category Minutes Counted
Full Attendance 0 min.
30 - 59 min. missed 30 min.
1+ hour missed 60 min.
Full Absence Varies by actual length of the missed meeting.
For more details on these categories, check out our Code Book.

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How is attendance measured?

Board Director’s attendance code for a given meeting is based on a cumulative number of minutes missed between late arrivals, mid-meeting absences, and early departures. For example, if a Director was 15 minutes late to the first roll call, 5 minutes late to the second roll call, and left the meeting 20 minutes prior to closing, that Director missed 40 minutes of the meeting.

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What is the Attendance Tracker?

For all regularly scheduled and stand-alone special board meetings*, GO staff code attendance and punctuality for each school board Director. All of this data is pulled from the meeting minutes posted on OUSD Legistar. The Attendance tracker consists of year by year snapshots that show the percentage of total hours of school board meetings for which each OUSD Board of Education Director was present. These percentages are calculated using the most conservative estimates of hours missed based on the system we developed. More details on how we calculate time missed can be found below.
* “Special Meeting” is an official designation for meetings that are not the twice monthly public Board meetings. Some of these special meetings are contained within a regular meeting - for instance, the Board might recess to “special meeting” for an hour to decide non-public business like expulsion hearings. In order to avoid double-penalizing a Board member for being absent, we are only displaying attendance data for regular meetings and stand-alone special meetings.

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