Why I GO
"I GO because public education represents the promise that all children in this country have the opportunity to prepare for any and all endeavors that interest them. Both education policy and teacher action should reflect uncompromising commitment to that promise."
Hannah Lukanuski

Hannah Lukanuski

Teacher Policy Fellow

Hannah is in her second year teaching at Garfield Elementary School. She is also in her second year as a Teach for America corps member and serves as a mentor for first year TFA corps members. Hannah is passionate about teaching her students that their stories and voices matter.

Why public education?

I remember toward the end of my senior at Berkeley High School my English electives teacher had each of my classmates share what our plans were for the next year. Every single one of my white classmates was headed to a four-year university. Not a single one of my non-white classmates was. That is what drives me to ensure that everyone has access to education.

Why Oakland?

I grew up in and around Oakland and still have family in the city, so my personal connection is strong, awake, and alive. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found out that Oakland was my Teach for America placement- this community is so vibrant, eclectic, and inspiring.

What are your vices?

Burritos, bagels, and binge-watching The West Wing.

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