Why I GO
"Teachers must be involved in driving systemic improvements. Our education system, particularly in under-resourced communities, faces so many challenges. Teachers need to be a part of crafting and implementing solutions. It's the only way to improve outcomes for kids."
Jennie Herriot-Hatfield

Jennie Herriot-Hatfield

Senior Teacher Policy Fellow

Jennie is in her 5th year at Think College Now. Prior to teaching, she worked in fundraising and communications for a charter school management organization and earned a master’s in public policy.

Why public education?

Growing up, I thought all public schools provided a great education, just like the schools I attended in Palo Alto. In my first job post-college, I learned this isn’t the case.
It absolutely shouldn’t be this way. I see so much potential in every single one of my students. I want to ensure that the education system enables them to fulfill their potential — just like my schools did for me and my peers.

Why Oakland?

I’m a Bay Area native, and it’s my favorite place in the world. Oakland is a particularly special part of the Bay Area. It’s a place where you can see the diversity of the people just by going to a cafe or walking around a neighborhood. That’s not true in a lot of other places. It’s also a place where many students experience inequity in their education – something I’m passionate about addressing.

Favorite quote and why?

“Over matters of which you have no knowledge, you have no control.” – Jeremy Bentham. Bentham was a crazy guy, but he was absolutely right about this: If you want to make the world a better place, you have to learn about it and understand it. Education is key.

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