Why I GO
"I do feel the need of some sort of reflection process from the school in order to continue to grow as a teacher. I strongly believe that the evaluation should not be punitive or feel like it. Having tests scores and teacher pay connected is a dangerous trend and will not be conducive to increasing the quality of teachers and teaching in this country."
Lorin King

Lorin King

Senior Teacher Policy Fellow

Lorin King

Lorin has taught in Oakland for 5 years.  She currently is the Kindergarten/First Grade lead teacher at North Oakland Community Charter School.

Previously, Lorin worked at Aspire Public Schools and received her Master’s in Education as well as credential through Aspire’s Teacher Residency Program and University of the Pacific.

She is a native Californian, who spent some time on the East Coast working in arts education through youth development nonprofits in Brooklyn public schools. Lorin loves working in Oakland and is excited to be contributing to its continued growth.

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