Why I GO
"As a Black, female, academic, I have so much to offer all students in regards to defying stereotypes, achieving the impossible and navigating our society. It is important that my story does not become the exception, but the norm."
Mascharney Franklin

Mascharney Franklin

Teacher Policy Fellow

Mascharney is in her seventh year teaching at Oakland Unity Middle School.

Why public education?

In my sophomore year in a very affluent college in an affluent suburb, I was given the opportunity to mentor students in a local high school. These students were bused in from urban areas and put into suburban schools with the hopes of getting a better education. In the process, they lost a lot of community time and connections. I vowed to put my professional and personal passion into making sure ALL students, despite where they live, have a quality educator in front of them.

Why Oakland?

Oakland is my home! I was born and raised here! Went to Maxwell Park (Now Melrose), Calvin Simmons, Claremont and a charter school in East Oakland. I live, breath and think “The Town” I have NO CHOICE but to be passionate about what happens here, especially in regards to the youth.

Favorite quote and why?

Huey Newton brought about so much change for Oakland and our larger American society. “The revolution has always been in the hands of the young. The young always inherit the revolution.” This quote drives  me everyday in and out of my classroom to make decisions to promote and support my young revolutionary minds/characters.

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