Why I GO
"I GO because my two children will go to Oakland public schools and I want them, and every other child in Oakland, to have access to the best teachers and schools no matter where in the city they live."
Caitlin Dobson

Caitlin Dobson

Teacher Policy Fellow

Caitlin is in her 5th year teaching third grade at Cox Academy in East Oakland. She received her Master’s degree in environmental education and is excited about connecting her students to their natural surroundings. Caitlin is passionate about the unique Unconditional Education wrap around program at Cox which helps to support all students in her classroom.

Why public education?

After my first year at Cox Academy, I felt connected to my students and empowered by the community of which I was a part of in a way that I never thought possible. I love seeing how eager my students are every morning as they enter the classroom. They are resilient and they inspire me everyday to do this hard but important work.

Why Oakland?

My husband is an Oakland “lifer.” He was born and raised in Oakland and is a product of Oakland public schools. It did not take me long to realize why he continually talked about how great Oakland was. I love the food, the people and all of the opportunities to get outside.

What are your vices?

I love ice cream. It can be in a milkshake, a cone a sandwich or a cup. My goal is to eat ice cream in every state in the US.

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