Why I GO
"I GO because the freedom of our children is rooted in the beginnings we provide them. Education gives people the power of choice. I firmly believe that when we invest in children we are all lifted."
Catherine Meyer

Catherine Meyer

Teacher Policy Fellow

Catherine is in her second year as a first grade teacher at Learning Without Limits in Oakland’s Fruitvale district. Prior to working in Oakland, Catherine was a Teacher-in-Residence at Achievement First in Brooklyn, NY. Catherine is dedicated to ensuring that even our youngest students are imbued with a sense of agency.

Why public education?

Innovation in our public schools is paramount to the success of our most underserved students. Students should thrive because of the system they are a part of, not despite it. My wish is for all students to enter into a system in which they are valued and encouraged to speak truth to power.

Why Oakland?

I am continually inspired by the history of social activism in Oakland. Every day I see parents and families advocating for their children and their community. There is an incredible confluence of cultures in Oakland, and this diversity is what makes Oakland a city that fosters innovation.

What are your vices?

Ice cream and cupcakes, usually eaten as a late night snack!

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