Why I GO
"Teachers’ voices are not often heard in policy or financial decision making, though we are directly impacted by these decisions. I believe that direct action and involvement in the school system beyond the classroom is an important way to advocate for my students."
Katelyn Sbani

Katelyn Sbani

Teacher Policy Fellow

Kate is finishing her first year teaching at Hoover Elementary. Prior to OUSD, she taught Kindergarten in Oakland, reading intervention in Alameda, and in an after school program for Oakland Native Youth. She completed her M.A. in Education in 2016. 

Why public education?

Public education can be a leveler in society, connecting neighbors, providing access to knowledge, and bringing joy of learning. I come from a family of public educators: my dad, a Chemistry teacher, my aunt, a Special Education teacher, my cousin, a Kindergarten teacher. I am proud to serve my Oakland community.

Why Oakland?

Oakland is such a beautiful place to live because of the diversity of people here. I love walking through my neighborhood and hearing other languages, seeing different food and cultures, and living among so many different people with their own experiences and beliefs. I came to Oakland in 2011 after finishing my undergrad degree. After living in a place like Oakland, how can I go anywhere else?

Favorite quote and why?

“Until we get equality in education, we won’t have an equal society.” I love this quote by Sonia Sotomayor because it reminds me that education can be a great tool to fight oppression, and to keep working hard for my students so we can raise each other up!

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