Why I GO
"In order to expect things to change I have to actively work towards change. I GO because it is the platform that I need to learn, engage, and do the work needed to make meaningful and impactful change to the community I love and for the students who need it."
Latora Baldridge

Latora Baldridge

Teacher Policy Fellow

Latora is currently in her second year teaching at Frick Impact Academy. She has worked as a literacy advocate by leading a school-wide literacy campaign and has also worked with the Culture Team to develop creative and responsive systems that encourage students to be their best selves. Latora is committed to the work of advocacy and the service of teaching the bright minds that will shape the future.

Why public education?

I grew up as a foster youth in Oakland and access to education is what sustained me through many years of adversity. My teachers were the people who encouraged me and who made me believe in myself. School was a safe haven for me and a place where I felt safe to grow and thrive. It is my passion and life’s work to pay it forward to the youth of today.

Why Oakland?

I grew up in Oakland and it is a community where I am not only deeply rooted but also a city that sparkles in creativity, diversity and culture. Oakland is my home which is why I am so committed to serving in this amazing city.

What are your vices?

I have a weakness for chocolate and binge watching TV dramas.

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