Why I GO
"I GO because Public Education is one of the most equitable routes for students of all demographics and creeds to have a fair chance of exploring who they are as well as their gifts and talents. Then yielding their gifts and talents to serve others and our country to make it a better and more just society for all that are concerned."
Luctricia Lewis

Luctricia Lewis

Teacher Policy Fellow

Luctrica A. Lewis is a  K/1 Lead Teacher at North Oakland Community Charter School. Luctrica was born and raised  in Memphis, TN. She graduated from Stillman College in May 2007. She continued her studies at Union University in Jackson, TN to complete her Masters of Arts degree in Education in December 2010. 

Why public education?

Growing up in the inner city came with tons of challenges; as well as attending public schools (my entire life). My experiences provided me with the grit, tenacity, passion and relational skills to help others who are traveling down the same path to aspire and achieve greatness as well. I am a living witness that sustainable success is possible via public education!

Why Oakland?

I am passionate about Oakland because it reminds me so much of my city, in addition to my commitment to serve the world, not just the folks in my hometown. I believe strongly that we are all one – no matter where you live, the language you speak, the color of your skin, your income or your religion. It is through making a global impact that makes me feel like I am fulfilling my passion. At the end of my life, I want to ensure that I was the best me to as many people as possible!

What are your vices?

Cakes, bread, spaghetti and COSTCO; I love the Travel Channel; and in terms of habits, I am a stickler for being on time.

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