Why I GO
"GO is another way I can advocate for my students and empower them. Through GO I can stay active on both local and national issues and address inequalities to create equitable conditions within my classroom and beyond."
Luis Torres

Luis Torres

Teacher Policy Fellow

Luis Torres is in his third year at Lazear Charter Academy where he has taught 2nd and 5th grade. He is a member of the Site Leadership Council for EFC schools and is the Social and Emotional Learning staff lead.

Why public education?

I’m a product of both public education and an inspiring educator. It took one teacher to change the trajectory of my life and heavily shape the way I now approach my pedagogy. My goals as an educator are to inspire young people and create agents of change.

Why Oakland?

In Oakland there is extreme polarization between communities and a dramatic rise in gentrification and displacement. However, Oakland has a rich history in activism, diversity and resilience, and I left LA for Oakland to continue that culture by advocating for the historically marginalized communities through my work in education.

Favorite quote and why?

I enjoy quotes, especially from Malala, Gandhi, and other civil rights activists. One of my favorites by Malala Yousafzai is “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” My interpretation of this quote is that the power and capabilities of an educated person are endless.

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