Maribel Gonzalez,

GO Oakland's
Executive Director

Why I GO

“I GO because I’m committed to the goal of all children having access to a high-quality public education and the support necessary to ensure that that access leads to success in life. In my years of work in the education field I know that family engagement is critically important and that organization and advocacy by families can be key to change. All children deserve a chance to succeed and all families deserve a voice.”

Get to know Maribel

I believe in the power of a public education because as an undocumented Mexican immigrant raised in poverty by a single mother, the odds were against me. But the opportunities afforded me by the public school system gave me the chance to go to college and beyond. At the same time, the shortcomings of our public education system meant that I was one of the very few to do so. I’m committed to strengthening the good and correcting the weaknesses so that all children — especially those from underserved communities — can pursue their dreams.

Oakland holds a special place in my heart because it reminds me of my home community of South Los Angeles. I followed my heart and moved to the East Bay Area in 2012. Over the years I have become deeply aware of the issues in our community and dedicated myself to working with others to find solutions. I’ve worked with so many incredible people and organizations here in Oakland for nearly a decade, and I can say without pause that the willingness of this community to fight for what’s best for our children and families is unparalleled.

As GO Oakland’s Executive Director, I will strive to develop and support the best staff and community leaders to work and advocate on behalf of Oakland’s students and families. I’ve worked as a partner and supporter of GO Oakland for years and I’m excited for the opportunity to build on this team’s successes and begin a new chapter of impact.

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