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Our System is Rigged – Let’s Take Action

Across the country, the conversation about access to a quality education has moved to the forefront. This is not a new conversation for Oaklanders, as… Read More

GO’s analysis of OUSD’s 2nd interim budget update

Interim reports are a “snap-shot” in time that give a pulse check on the district’s fiscal picture. Below you will find GO’s observations and questions… Read More

OUSD Budget Cuts Update – Difficult Trade-Offs

Budget cuts hurt. At the opposite end of every cut is a staff member that is dedicated to supporting Oakland students, a program that aims… Read More

OUSD Budget Cuts FAQ

What is the bottom line?
Final budget reductions include $3M to school sites and $17M of reductions to central positions serving schools including Restorative Justice,… Read More

Breaking: Oakland Teachers’ Strike Ends with Tentative Agreement

Today after seven days, the Oakland teachers’ strike is on track to come to an end as the parties announced a tentative agreement. All of… Read More

Teacher Strike Update

On the eve of a teacher strike in Oakland, a few things are clear:

Teachers in Oakland are woefully underpaid, leaving them struggling to make… Read More

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