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New “growth” data uncovers some bright spots – especially for Latino/a students in Oakland

New “growth” data released by OUSD shows how much students at each school are learning from one year to the next, while reaching for the… Read More

4 Things OUSD Must Communicate When They Talk About Budget

Last fall, we brought together a working group of parents, educators, and community members who were tired of watching budget presentations that were not created… Read More

To fix the budget crisis, Oakland needs collaboration instead of conspiracy theories

If you’ve been following news about Oakland schools, you know that we’re facing a financial crisis. The district is considering, once again, how to make… Read More

How are Oakland schools serving Asian Pacific Islander students?

At first glance, most people would categorize me as being a part of the “model minority,” a term used to describe Asian Americans, including Indian… Read More

Focused on students: charter and district leaders collaborate on school quality tools

Last week, over 60 parents, educators, and community members gathered to help OUSD leaders answer one question: How do we define a “quality school” in… Read More

Moving Towards a Common Understanding of School Quality

In a city as diverse as Oakland, we value having a wide range of school types that give parents different options to find the best… Read More

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