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Contract Matters: Negotiating Teacher Contracts – What’s the Process?
To you, and others following this issue, it may seem like the teacher’s contract is...
Teacher Policy Fellow Application Process

Update: The application for the GO Teacher Policy Fellowship is currently closed. Thank you for your interest.   
As a classroom teacher, it is difficult to… Read More

Overview: Teacher Policy Fellowship

“I’ve been connected to more thought leaders, activists, and policy mavens. Personal growth is exactly what we are striving to bring to the teaching profession… Read More

The Search for a Superintendent 101

“Our success will come not because of Board directives, or the Superintendent’s notions, or the staff’s creativity, or the community’s yearning. We will make it… Read More

Contract Matters: The Bargaining Process Begins

The teachers union, Oakland Education Association (OEA), and the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) collective bargaining teams have released their initial proposals for the new… Read More

Measure G1 Funding Getting into Schools
In November, Oakland voters passed Measure G1 with 82% of the vote. As a result more ...
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