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Let’s not just engage families. Let them lead.

I am so proud to have partnered with my friend and school leader, Sabrina “Bri” Moore on the #SchoolAfterCOVID Team Fellowship. Below she shares her… Read More

What’s Happening in Oakland Education? June 2021 Edition / ¿Qué está pasando en la educación de Oakland? Edición de junio de 2021

Welcome to What’s Happening in Oakland Education? volume 3, a newsletter to keep the community informed. We know how busy families and educators are. The typical OUSD… Read More

Stay or go? Oakland families face difficult decisions in the wake of the pandemic. / ¿Quedarse o irse? Las familias de Oakland enfrentan decisiones difíciles a raíz de la pandemia.

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This story appears as part of our Numbers and Narratives: A Year In Review series.

Like many Oakland parents and caregivers, Brittany Walker Pettigrew … Read More

“Seeing yourself” – OUSD Teacher Ms. Muñoz on supporting newcomer students during the pandemic and beyond

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As part of our Numbers and Narratives: A Year In Review series, we bring you a spotlight on Valeska… Read More

“Mi Reflejo” – Maestra de estudiantes inmigrantes recién llegados en OUSD, Valeska Muñoz, sobre el apoyo a los estudiantes.

Como parte de nuestra serie Números y Narrativas: Revisión de un año, le presentamos a Valeska Muñoz, profesora de biología y ex directora de R.I.S.E.… Read More

Help your kids learn math over the summer: new Family Math Guides / Ayude a sus hijos a hacer matemáticas durante el verano: nuevas guías de matemáticas para familias

We’ve worked hard to help our kids through a tough year, and we’re all looking forward to a break this summer! As our kids get… Read More

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