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How Will OUSD Make Decisions on Charter School Renewals?

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If you’ve been following Oakland education, news about merging, expanding, and consolidating district schools has been front and center. There are… Read More

Recent protests call for status quo when radical change is needed

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This week’s education news coverage has been dominated by the protests by a small group of Kaiser Elementary parents and OEA… Read More

Video: Is OUSD Saving Too Much $$ or Too Little?

Recently, OUSD closed their financial books for the 2018-2019 school year. One important piece of good news on the budget is that the district has… Read More

Building the Bridge Between the System and Families

I am new to the GO Public Schools Oakland team, but I am not new to education politics and policy. 
I began my career as… Read More

Back to School: Different Seat, Same Values

For as long as I can remember, summer has been about 10% recharging and 90% gearing up to launch the new school year. When I… Read More

Daisy Padilla: Oakland public school alum and fierce advocate for her community ✊

While every Oakland public school student has some shared experiences, they each have a unique education story to tell. Daisy Padilla is a fierce community… Read More

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