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OUSD just finalized their distance learning agreement

*Lea en español abajo
While most districts across the country and the state reached agreements with their teachers’ union before the school year started, Oakland… Read More

De la guerra Charter vs. Distrito a una comunidad de escuelas

En junio, 1Oakland celebró la aprobación de la Política de la Comunidad de Escuelas BP6006 en la que la mesa directiva del OUSD declaró que… Read More

Breaking Down the OUSD State Relief Bill
On Monday September 17, Governor Jerry Brown signed Education Trailer Bill AB1840. T...
Will OUSD Have Another Round of Midyear Cuts?
The number one question our network has been asking this fall is whether or not schoo...
ED Corner: OUSD’s Budget Status—It’s Complicated
For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Jessica Stewart. I’m a former OUSD teac...
VIDEO: OUSD Budget Cuts Update
I’m back from paternity leave and excited to keep help keep the GO network engaged ...
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