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Congratulations to Finalist for Oakland Superintendent
Congratulations to Dr. Kyla Johnson-Trammell, who has been named the finalist for th...
Questions to Ask the Next Superintendent

As the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) Board of Education works to select the next superintendent, members of GO Oakland’s network of families, educators and… Read More

Community Letters to the Next OUSD Superintendent

The Oakland Unified School District Board of Directors is in the final stages of the superintendent search. Per the District’s update, on April 22 and… Read More

Systems and Infrastructure: Critical Behind the Scenes Work for the Next Superintendent

For this letter, we spoke with a number of people currently working in district leadership positions about how to improve district systems and infrastructure.
Systems… Read More

A Way Forward: Quality Education for All Students by Bridging the District – Charter Divide

By Louise Waters and Gary Yee
Oakland is at a critical juncture. The selection of a new Superintendent provides Oakland the opportunity to move beyond… Read More

A Teacher’s Letter to the Next Superintendent

By Caitlin Healey
I teach a K-2 moderate/severe Special Day Class for students with autism. I’d really like to see the school design process address… Read More

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