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Upcoming Events

It’s an exciting time of year as we gear up for the start of a new school year. As we prepare with new school supplies,… Read More

Answering your questions about the OUSD budget

We recently reached out to Oaklanders – parents, educators, and community members – to find out what questions they had about OUSD’s budget and finances.… Read More

OUSD Budget Cuts FAQ

What is the bottom line?
Final budget reductions include $3M to school sites and $17M of reductions to central positions serving schools including Restorative Justice,… Read More

Breaking: Oakland Teachers’ Strike Ends with Tentative Agreement

Today after seven days, the Oakland teachers’ strike is on track to come to an end as the parties announced a tentative agreement. All of… Read More

Teacher Strike Update

On the eve of a teacher strike in Oakland, a few things are clear:

Teachers in Oakland are woefully underpaid, leaving them struggling to make… Read More

Recursos para las familias en caso de una huelga de maestros

Como probablemente ya sabe, el sindicato de maestros de Oakland (OEA) y el distrito escolar unificado de Oakland (OUSD) están finalizando sus negociaciones contractuales y… Read More

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