Why I GO
"I GO because the stories of our students and families are pivotal in how/why those in power make decisions."
Edgar Rodriguez-Ramirez

Edgar Rodriguez-Ramirez

Leadership Council


Why public education?

I’m a proud product of Los Angeles public schools. With the help of selfless educators, my mom made STRATEGIC decisions in my educational career to ensure that I was on a path toward success. Public education should not be about strategy, but opportunity for all.

Favorite quote and why?

Isang Bagsak, in Tagalog means “one down” or “one fall”. It’s a reminder of my time in Berkeley working in solidarity with a multicultural coalition, ensuring that students of color were fairly represented and advocated for. It reminds me how we rise and fall together in “the struggle”.

The members of our Leadership Council are Oakland natives, residents, parents, grandparents, former teachers, principals, and alumni of Oakland public schools. Our leaders have deep connections to Oakland and strong backgrounds in education. The Leadership Council supports and guides our work in the best interest of Oakland students.



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