Why I GO
"Millions of children have no choice but to depend on public education and the least we can do is work to ensure we have a high quality education for them."
Charles Cole III

Charles Cole III


Why public education?

I’m passionate about public education because it’s the system I grew up in and it did not serve me or my needs as well as it could have. The same was true for my friends. I believe the people most impacted should lead the charge in improving it.

Why Oakland?

I grew up here. It’s my home.

How I GO?

I’m obsessed with growth and being the best I can be. My focus outside of the office is how to better myself for the work I do.

Favorite quote and why?

Someone will always be faster, stronger, richer, better connected, but you control how hard you work. -Basically what I learned growing up and it is what I live by.


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