Our Work

Our Work in the 2017-2018 School Year

Teacher Voice Matters

Core belief:

We believe that educators should be the main drivers of education policy, and active and engaged participation in healthy unions will empower them to step into that role.

Educating and empowering educators at all phases in their careers on how to be active, engaged union members, with the goal of improving student outcomes and opportunity.


  1. Education: Creating spaces for teachers to learn about the many ways they can be involved in education policy making.
  2. Engagement: Ensuring that teachers have the resources and information they need to actively participate in union activity.
  3. Leadership: Identifying, supporting, and preparing values-aligned educators for leadership roles through our Teacher Policy Fellows Program.

Budgeting for Impact

Core belief:
To best serve each student equitably, public school districts, with their limited resources, must be financially prudent and laser focused on excellence. It is critical that educators and community members be involved in the developing best practices and systems change.


GO will advocate for best financial practices by supporting District leaders, and deeply engage community members on the urgency and complexity of the tough decisions facing OUSD and the necessity of making those decisions.


  1. Education: Ensuring that community members have the resources, information, and space  they need to understand the complexity and urgent need for action with respect to the OUSD budget.
  2. Engagement: Ensuring that community members can engage with OUSD leadership to actively support and participate in decisions about creating an excellent, equitable, and sustainable budget practices and decisions.
  3. Leadership: Identifying, supporting, and preparing values-aligned leaders from among the Board of Education, district leadership, and community to help lead a sustained change in OUSD budget practices.



Core belief:

We believe that every Oakland student has the right to a quality public education, but leaders, educators, and the community are not working together to address the quality and equity gaps in our schools. We believe that when we come together to actively manage and design for both current and future student need, we can provide a groundbreaking educational model.

GO will bring Oakland families, educators, and community leaders together to work for a more cohesive, cooperative, and equitable education system.


We are launching a community-driven campaign for families, educators, and community to:

  1. Identify our greatest challenges and points of tension;
  2. Improve coordination and planning within our education system; and
  3. Make policy recommendations based on what works best for our various communities.

Want to join the 1Oakland Team? Email mirella@gopublicschools.org

School Board Matters

Core belief:
We believe that effective, significant, and lasting change requires great leadership, and that we can take steps to develop and support such transformational leadership. 

GO will continue to hold accountable highly effective school board members who are focused on students first, utilizing improved and expanded accountability and transparency tools, community engagement, a redesigned membership program, and leadership cultivation.


  1. Tools: Accountability and transparency tools, including a vote tracker and attendance tracker.
  2. Community Engagement
  3. Leadership Cultivation: Expanded opportunities for GO network leaders interested in working with the school board and coordinating civic engagement activities.
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