Why I GO
I believe our public school system should provide every child with quality education. We need to transform the system to better serve the needs of all students.
Radhika Jit

Radhika Jit

Manager of Communications

Radhika is a communications professional with experience in grassroots campaigns, journalism and storytelling to lift up the voices of marginalized communities.

Why public education?

I’m passionate about public education because it’s the system I grew up in. While I experienced the divide in equitable education that exists in the Bay Area, I was fortunate to be guided by family throughout my educational career. I believe that change is possible in creating an equitable high-quality education for all students. At GO, I have the honor of sharing family’s stories and creating a platform for their voices to be heard.

What are your vices?

I’ve been known to be enjoying a delicious meal, and already be thinking about the next.
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