Why I GO
"I GO because I want to see all children experience that opportunity to learn and grow in an environment that truly serves their needs and provides them with all the resources necessary for them to thrive in education and ultimately, their lives."
Saige White

Saige White

Communications Manager

For the past few years I’ve worked in environmental education for various conservation organizations, focusing on connecting kids and communities to green, outdoor spaces. As a kid growing up in the public school system, I watched as funding for programs in arts, music, and environmental education slowly declined in my community. Entering into the environmental education advocacy realm allowed me to work towards connecting kids and families with opportunities to experience hands-on educational opportunities and resources they otherwise wouldn’t receive in the classroom. I’m excited to be a part of the GO team and work towards elevating the voices and needs of Oakland students and communities, bringing both awareness and systemic change to our public schools.

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