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Reflections on the New Cohort of Teacher Policy Fellows

Sometimes the Facebook feature “On This Day” just reminds me of how much free time I had before I became an educator and a mother. Today, it showed me that 5 years ago this week, GO Oakland put out the very first all-call for applicants to the inaugural cohort of our Teacher Policy Fellowship. At the time, I was a full-time Special Education teacher, just beginning to pop my head out of the classroom to try to understand how the whole system of public education works.

Reunidos por 1Oakland

Oakland tiene 65.000 niñxs de edad escolar. No estamos haciendo lo suficiente para asegurar que todos nuestros estudiantes estén recibiendo la educación que adapte a sus necesidades y sueños. Boris Aguilar reflexiona sobre cómo cada estudiante tiene diferentes necesidades y cómo esas necesidades cambian con el tiempo.

Coming Together for 1Oakland

Oakland has 65,000 school-aged kids. We are not doing enough to ensure that all of these students are getting the education that best fits their needs and dreams. Boris Aguilar reflects on how every student has different needs and how those needs change over time.

GO Board Watch: September 26, 2017

Welcome to GO’s School Board Watch for the meeting taking place Wednesday, September 27, 2017.
This week’s agenda includes:

Special Education Program Contractors
Intradistrict Enrollment… Read More

LEARN: Oakland Public Schools Equity Pledge

GO Public Schools Oakland believes the proposed Equity Pledge is an opportunity to move beyond ideologies or politics to identify solutions for the real issues… Read More

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