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OUSD’s Financial Challenges Persist

According to the most recent budget updates, OUSD is projected to end this school year below the state-mandated 2% reserve, partially due to an additional… Read More

OUSD Budget Update: Second Interim Financial Report

Last night, the Oakland Unified Board of Education heard a series of reports on the district’s finances. Overall, the district’s finances have moved in the right direction, but are still far from being on solid footing.

OUSD Budget Vote is IN

As you know, our team has been following OUSD’s budget crisis closely and advocating for OUSD to both protect students and right the ship (click here for in-depth coverage). Tonight, the Board of Education passed a resolution (6 to 1) directing the Superintendent to make $9.0 million in midyear budget adjustments, which will come from both the central office and school sites. District leadership believes this resolution, updated based on new financial information, is necessary for the following reasons.

December 12: Midyear Budget Adjustment Update

It has been a really difficult time in Oakland education, with the current budget crisis having real impacts on both students and adults. I am writing to share a quick update on immediate issues

Budget Chronicles: Reserve Policy—What’s in it for me?

When you live paycheck to paycheck, everything is an emergency.  If you don’t have a rainy day fund and your car breaks down, then you have to either not use your car, or not do something else and get your car fixed. But the money has to come from somewhere.

Three Critical Budget Issues

Three key issues have appeared in the current OUSD fiscal crisis. All three issues are a little wonky and technical, but are actually critical to resolving OUSD finances. With this blog, we aim to give some very high level information on each key issue and offer links to a deeper dive post for each one.

Will Oakland be taken over by the state again?

In the coming weeks, the Oakland school board will likely vote on over $15.1 million in mid-year budget adjustments for this current school year. While most Oaklanders rightly worry about the immediate impact on students, we should also be worried about possibility of returning to full state receivership.

Issue Alert: G1 Tax Dollars Must Support All Oakland Students

On October 11th, the Oakland Unified School Board will be providing direction to the Measure G1 Oversight Committee with regard to whether or not students in county-authorized charter schools should receive benefit from the G1 tax measure that our GO network helped develop and advocate for, and which was resoundingly passed last fall.

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