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August 2018 Educator Newsletter: Contract Matters, GO Teacher Policy Fellows

It is my honor to kick off the 2018-2019 school year with you and all of Oakland’s educators! Thank you all for everything you do for Oakland students and families.

Reflections on the New Cohort of Teacher Policy Fellows

Sometimes the Facebook feature “On This Day” just reminds me of how much free time I had before I became an educator and a mother. Today, it showed me that 5 years ago this week, GO Oakland put out the very first all-call for applicants to the inaugural cohort of our Teacher Policy Fellowship. At the time, I was a full-time Special Education teacher, just beginning to pop my head out of the classroom to try to understand how the whole system of public education works.

Coron Brinson

Why public education?
I am product of Dublin (GA) City Public Schools and also attended a state public university in Georgia. A quality public education… Read More

New Teachers Concentrated in Oakland’s Highest Need Communities

by Robbie Torney
Hannah’s first day of teaching fourth grade was ‘a whirlwind of energetic joy and panicked mistakes.’ But with coaching and other supports… Read More

Teaching Fellows: Changing Policies to Better Support Teachers and Students

Ben Nussbaum, a Senior Teacher Policy Fellow, is a sixth grade humanities teacher at Greenleaf Elementary School in Oakland. We asked Ben to share some thoughts about his experience as a Fellow and about the GO Teacher Policy Fellowship in general.

TPF Blog: Leading From The Classroom

Stay up-to-date on what the current cohort of Teacher Policy Fellows is working on with blog posts from the Fellows about their projects and ideas.

Professional Development & Keeping Oakland’s Teaching Talent

By Ben Nussbaum
I attended a Faculty Focus Meeting with Oakland Unified School District Superintendent Antwan Wilson where he expressed a desire to make Oakland… Read More

Voices from the Field: The Real Story of Teacher Induction in Oakland

By Jennie Herriot-Hatfield
Teacher at Think College Now
If you’ve ever spoken to a teacher about Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BSTA) – the old… Read More

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